John Oak (John Lester Oak II; June 27th 2605 - June 3rd 2688) was an Ollieish politican-turned farmer who was the son of Ollieish politician John Lester Oak.

Early LifeEdit

John Oak was born on the 27th of June 2605, in Ollieland. His father was an Ollieish politician and a senator in The Senate named John Lester Oak. His mother was Mary Oak, who was the third child of Prime Minister Sonsimp.

Political CareerEdit

Like the rest of his family, John became a politican. After several years, he realised that his true calling was farming. He quit his job in The Senate and set up a farm in the countryside in Turenlo.

Personal LifeEdit

John Oak married a woman named Julia Hay on the 8th of April 2630. They had 4 children:

  • Emily Oak (2631 - 2715)
  • Joan Oak (2632 - 2720)
  • Gregory Oak (2633 - 2703)
  • Ann Oak (2634 - 2730)


John Oak died at the age of 82 on the 3rd of June 2688, 24 days before his 83rd birthday. His only son, Gregory, is the great-great-grandfather of the famous Theoish professor and scientist, Samuel Oak.

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