John Altdert (John David; 12 December 2627 - 11 Feburary 2781) was a super-centinarian, as well as the oldest human ever to have lived in The Entire Master Universe. 

John Altdert
Born 2627
Died 2781
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Farmer (Retired)
HomeWorld Xnob
Family Wife

4 children

Early LifeEdit

John was born in 2627 on Xnob. He was the 3rd and final son of John Altdert (2600 - 2681) and Fiona Altdert (2602 - 2693). John was an average student, and left school at 14. After he left school, he worked on his family farm, and did this until the age of 77.

The Battle of Geonosia Edit

In 2648, when John was 21, he fought on the side of The Ollieland Galaxy during the battle of Geonosia. During the battle, he me and became friends with an 18 year old soldier, John remembered as Doug Held.

The Fourth Great War Edit

John fought for a year, from 2674 until 2675. He wanted to do his bit for the war effort, but unlike in The Battle of Geonosia, John was older, and had a family to care for. He became a home guard for his village until he retired from the position in 2699.


John married Melissa May in 2650, and had the following children:

  • John Altdert (2650 - 2727)
  • Bertie Altdert (2653 - 2755)
  • James Altdert (2655 - 2748)
  • Hannah Altdert (2656 - 2757)
  • Harold Altdert (2659 - 2744)

John's children produced him over 14 grandchildren. He has over 100 descendants living today, including a great-great-great-granddaughter (which he met). A great-great-grandson is Norman Elringer.


No-one knows how John was able to live for so long. Scientists have been studying him for nearly 70 years.  Scientists can't explain it. John is the oldest human of all time, and the person in second lived until they were 123. Almost all of his descendants (who died of old age) lived into their nineties, with several of his children and grandchildren living over 100.

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