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Jeremiah Oak was a Theoish farmer who lived on his farm in Pallet Town.

Farmer Jeremiah Oak
Jeramiah Oak.png
Born 109 BBU
Died 26 BBU
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Farmer
HomeWorld Theoland
Family Bob Oak (Son), May Oak (Wife), Lester Oak (Father), Summer Oak (Mother)


Jeremiah was the son of Lester Oak and his wife, Summer Oak. Jeremiah never got any education, and worked on the farm all his life from the age of 4. He got married to his neighbour, Summer Oak, in 86 BBU, and had one son called Bob 2 years later. Jeremiah's wife died in 77 BBU, and he was left to raise Bob all by himself. In 74 BBU, his son Bob recieved a permanant scratch across his face when he was attacked by a stampede of some wild Milkfys. Jeremiah died in 26 BBU at the age of 83.