Imp Ger (c.2643 - September 15th 2714) was a member of the Duckretists during The Fourth Great War of Ollieland.

Imp Ger
Born 2643
Died 2714
Species Kel Dor
Other Info
Occupation Royal Guard (Formerly), Member of The Duckrestists
HomeWorld Keldish
Family none

Life on KeldishEdit

Almost nothing is known about Ger's early life. His father was a royal guard for the Kings of Keldish, and this is what Ger also did as a job from 2665 until 2690.

The DuckretistsEdit

Imp Ger left his job as royal guard in 2690, and joined The Duckretists. He became a guard for a high ranking member, Saldoff Tiin. In 2714, the war ended, and The Emperor sent his apprentice to murder all the duckretists. Imp ger was the second last Duckretist to die. He, Tiin and another unidentified guard tried to run away, but the sith apprentice appeared and through two lightsabers at them. One hit the other guard in the chest, throwing the Kel Dor backwards, and the second hit Ger in the throat. Ger began gargling and clutching his neck as the lodged lightsaber began melting the inside of his throat. Ger fell to his knees, still gargling, and then slumped forward - dead. Tiin was killed a few seconds after.

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