Henry Redder
Born 25 BBU`
Died 11 ABU
Species Minifig
Other Info
Occupation Bounty Hunter
HomeWorld Legonia
Family Unknown

Henry Redder AKA Hunter was a bounty hunter who was hired by Galapos to kill the Heroes.

Early Life Edit

Henry was born in the village of Legosburg. His father often took Henry out to hunt animals. When Henry was 12 he and his father were tracking triceratops when a raptor pounced on his father. Henry was told to run home and not to look back or he will be caught so that's what he did. Ever since then he had a hatred for raptors and triceratops.

Bounty Hunter Edit

In 0 ABU Hunter became a bounty hunter. His first target was the current chief of the ewoks. He shot the ewok earning him 5000 studs and became infamous. When he was hired by Galapos, his target was Agent 10 and Batman. He failed killing both and wasn't hired again until he had to kill Shulk.

Death Edit

Hunter was hired to kill Shulk as he was the only minifig who could destroy mechs. Hunter aimed at Shulk but a raptor jumped in front on the bullet. This made him furiouse so he injected himself with the special potion that turned him and his pet dog, Wolfang into an immortal Mech. However Shulk and the other heroes were too powerful and they killed him. When the Heroes were leaving the exploding gun ship Hunter came back to have one last stand against Shulk. However he lost. He was finally killed when the gunship crashed and exploded.

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