Sir Horace Johns
Born 2725
Died 2813
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Prime Minister of The Ollieland Galaxy
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Alfred Johns (Father)

Ethel Johns (Mother)
Hilda Johns (Wife)
Marcus Johns (Son)
Benjamin Johns (Son)
Margaret Johns (Daughter)
Grace Johns (Daughter)
Lilian Johns (Daughter)

Prime Minister Sir Horace Johns, 1st Baron Johns (Horace James Gordon Henry; April 8th 2725 - October 13th 2813) was the Prime Minister of The Ollieland Galaxy from 2779 until 2807, making him the longest serving Prime Minister in the galaxy's history.

Early Life Edit

Horace Johns was born on the 8th of April 2725, in Ollieland. His father was Field Marshall Alfred Johns, who had fought in The Fourth Great War. His mother was Ethel Johns, the daughter of Lord Ebenezer Dartinglofft. Horace had 4 older siblings - two older brothers and two older sisters, including Countess Mary of Langlingsford. Horace's paternal grandfather was Supreme General Julian Johns, who succeeded Douglas Held as Supreme General in 2715, after Held's assassination.

Political Career Edit

Horace became a senator in the earl 2750s. He was appointed representative for Ollieland on the 12th of August 2763. He was elected Prime Minister of The Ollieland Galaxy on the 9th of December 2779.

Personal Life Edit

Horace married Hilda Martins, who he would remain married to for nearly 50 years, on the 11th if June 2749. Horace and Hilda had 5 children:

Retirement Edit


Horace in 2811

Horace served as Prime Minister until 2807, where he retired at the age of 82, having become a great-grandfather. Horace retired from both politics and public appearances.

Death Edit

Horace died at the age of 88 on the 13th of October 2813. He was survived by his 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 19 greatgrandchildren.

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