Hoenneon is a medium sized planet located 50,000 miles away fro Theoland.

Vital statistics
Type Planet
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Location The Theoland Galaxy
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Ancient HistoryEdit

Before humans arrived on the planet two massive creatures call Kytroll and Rockoun were fighting each other to expand the water or land. Kytroll wanted the world to be 100% water whereas Rockoun wanted the world to be 100% ground. The battle laster 5 years before they were stopped by the beast Beammaza destoying them all leaving only 2 stones which hold Kytroll and Rockoun. 1000 years after humans arrived two evil corporations calle Team Lava an Team Whirl found out about the stones. They fought each other for years trying to get the beasts free. Both of the beasts got free and nearly killed all life on the planet.


The planet is mostly water with one massive continent and a few little islands. Hoenneon has a massive forest making it the 10th biggest forest in the Theoland Galaxy.


There is lots of wildlife on the planet. The most common are:

  1. Senpat
  2. Kirlka
  3. Tailtor
  4. Mandeen
  5. Beldon
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