Herbert Marqouis
Born 2674
Died 2763
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Head of the Banks
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King George IV (Father)

Jeanne Marqouis (Mother)

Lucy Marqouis (Wife)
5 Children

Herbert Marqouis (Herbert George; January the 7th 2674 - November the 6th 2763) was the illegitimate son of Jeanne Marqouis and King George IV of Enkland. If he had been born legitimately, he would have succeeded his father as King of Enkland in 2719, instead of his uncle, King Geoffrey.

Early Life Edit

Herbert Marqouis was born in Enkland on the 7th of January 2674. He was the illegitimate son of Jeanne Marqouis, a nurse, and Prince George of Enkland - the future King George IV. Herbert's mother battled to get George to acknowledge him, but George refused to. However, when King George III, Herbert's paternal grandfather, discovered that he had had an illegitimate grandson, The King forced Herbert's father to make the truth public. Herbert was officially recognized as George's illegitimate son in 2675.

Personal Life Edit

Herbert did averagely at school. When he left school in 2689, he found work as a cleaner at a local bank. He worked here for 51 years - slowly working his way up through the ranks until he became the Head of The Banks of Enkland in 2717. He got married to Lucy Arbetiet in 2698, and had 5 children with her:

Later Life Edit

Herbert only met his father 3 times. The first time he met him was in 2709, and later said that he was "disappointed" by George. The next time he met George was in 2718, when Herbert's grandfather King George III died and his father was crowned King. He met George, for the last time, a year later on his father's deathbed. Herbert lived for 44 more years - dying at the age of 89 on the 6th of November 2763.

Family Edit

Herbert is the son of King George IV of Enkland and Jeanne Marqouis. On his father's side, he is descended from the Royal Families of Enkland, Xnob, Kahzland and several others. On his mother's side, he is descended from a long line of tailors and tanners. His great-grandson is Earl Andrew V of Hanton-Court, and another great-grandson is Sir Nigel Marqouis, the famous musician.


Herbert photographed with his father and children in 2718.

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