Grand Moff Varg
Born 2598
Died 2659
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Grand Moff of The Empire
HomeWorld Kahzland
Family Grand Marshall Josephus Varg (Father)

Princess Martha of Kahzland (Mother)
Theresia Varg (Wife)
3 Children

Grand Moff Joseph Varg (Joseph James Thaddeus; July 7th 2598 - December 31st 2659) was the second Grand Moff of The Empire, and second-longest reigning Grand Moff, behind Grand Moff Sponge.

Early Life Edit

Joseph Varg was born on the 7th of July 2598, in Varg Manor, on the planet Kahzland. His father was Grand Marshall Josephus Varg, a Grand Marshall of Kahzland (the highest rank in the military.) Varg's mother was Princess Martha of Kahzland, the youngest child of King James II of Kahzland. This made Varg the second-cousin of King George II of Enkland, and cousin of King William X of Kahzland, as well as linking him with the majority of Royal Families through his great-great-grandparents, Lady Sophia and Lord George of Enkland.

Military Career Edit

Like his father, brothers and uncles, Varg joined the army when he left school. In 2624, he was made a Corporal of the Kahzland Army.

Marriage and Children Edit

In 2626, he married Theresia Meln, the daughter of Sir Nikolas Meln. They had three children together:

  • Admiral Rudolf Varg (2628 - 2695)
  • General Joseph Varg (2629 - 2675)
  • Maria Braut nee Varg (2630 - 2712)

Through his son Rudolf, Varg was the grandfather of the infamous scientist for The Empire during The Fourth Great War, Professor Augustus Varg, and Admiral Rudolf Varg.

The Empire and Grand Moff Edit

In the 2630s, Varg joined The Empire. He rose through the ranks until he became an Admiral in 2636. 2 years later, Grand Moff Hershel, The Emperor's second-in-command, died. The Emperor selected Varg to succeed Hershel as Grand Moff of The Empire the same day.

Death Edit

Varg died on the 31st of December 2659, at the age of 61, after 21 years as Grand Moff. He was succeeded by the only Duck Grand Moff, Grand Moff Quacking.

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