Grand Moff Wilhuff Trauer
Born 2646
Died 2714
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Soldier, Grand Moff of The Empire
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Baron Wilbur Trauer (father)

Baroness Welma Trauer (mother) Baron Peter Trauer (brother)

Grand Moff Wilhuff Trauer (Wilhuff Victor Trauer; August 28th 2646 - September 2nd 2714) was the second-last Grand Moff of The Empire, and high ranking member of The Duckretists.

Early LifeEdit

Wilhuff Trauer was born on Enkland in 2646. He was the oldest of two sons, and heir of Baron Wilbur Trauer and Baroness Welma Trauer. When he was 18, Wilhuff joined The Empire as a soldier. Due to him joining The Empire, his younger brother became the heir to their father's barony, and Wilhuff was disowned by his family.

The Fourth Great WarEdit

During the following decade before The Fourth Great War, Trauer was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, after all the training and preparation he had been going through to get ready for the war. When it began in 2674, Trauer was amongst The Empire's troops which were sent into the first battle of the war. In 2680, Trauer was made a General, and left the front line to work behind the scenes. Trauer oversaw the design and creation of The Excrutionator. Over the next 34 years, Trauer would work as the right-hand-man to Grand Moff Sponge, aboard The Excrutionator

The Grand MoffEdit

When Sponge was killed in the last year of the war, Trauer was appointed as the new Grand Moff by The Emperor. Trauer was present aboard The Excrutionator during the battle of mira-kleff, and was also on the bridge overseeing "The Last Battle", which was the final battle in The Fourth Great War, taking place on September the 2nd 2714.

The Last BattleEdit

The final battle of The Fourth Great War ended with the destruction of The Death Duck, The Excrutionator and the deaths of Trauer, The Emperor and Lord Konzerne. The Excrutionator was preventing any ships from getting close to the death star, so the forces of The Ollieland Galaxy decided they needed to destroy the super star-destroyer. The Allies managed to destroy The Excrutionator's shield generator, leaving the ship vulnerable. Then, a small fighter pilot belonging to The Empire (which had been shot and was spinning out of control) went shooting towards the bridge. Trauer just managed to spot the ship as it crashed through the window and into the bridge, killing all those inside (including Trauer). With all the ship's controls and power going up in a fiery explosion, the huge vessel lost control, and began being dragged towards The Death Duck by it's gravitational pull. The Excrutionator then crashed into the side of the space station, erupting into a gargantuan explosion. 10 minutes later, The Death Duck was destroyed, and the war was won by The Ollieland Galaxy.

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