Grand Moff Cornelious Quacking (2609 - 2676) was the Grand Moff of The Empire from 2659 until his death 17 years later. 

Grand Moff Quacking
Born 2609
Died 2676
Species Duck
Other Info
Occupation Grand Moff of The Empire
HomeWorld Darkland
Family none.


Quacking was born in 2609 on Darkland. When he was a young adult, he joined the army, and later joined The Empire, where he was promoted to Admiral after 12 years. He also fought in the Battle of Genosia. 

Grand MoffEdit

In 2659, Grand Moff Varg died after 21 years as Grand Moff. The Emperor appointed Quacking to take over. Quacking was an infamous leader. It was also he that funded the young Admiral Geoff's invention: The First Death Duck.


In 2676, 2 years after the start of The Fourth Great War, Quacking was killed when the Super Star-Destroyer was blown up by The Ollieland Army. 

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