Grand Moff Hershel
Born 2580
Died 2638
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Soldier, Admiral, Grand Moff
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Edwin Hershel (Father)

Grand Moff Victor Hershel (2580 - 2638) was the first Grand Moff of The Empire, who served as Grand Moff from 2630 until his death 8 years later.

Early Life Edit

Hershel was born in 2580 on the planet Enkland, the second son of General Edwin Hershel, who was a general in The Enklish Army. Hershel was a bright student in school, and after finishing his education, joined The Enklish Army, until the formation of The Empire.

The First Great War Edit

Hershel fought as a soldier during the final year of The First Great War. When the war ended, he was awarded the rank of "Captain" for his efforts during the conflict.

The Death Duck & Second Great War Edit

Hershel helped design and manufacture The First Death Duck. For his contribution, The Emperor personally promoted him to the rank of Admiral. In 2630, The Emperor created the rank "Grand Moff", who would be his right hand man and advisor. Out of all his generals, he picked Hershel to be the first. 5 years later, The Second Great War began. At the climax of the war, in 2638, Hershel was killed aboard The First Death Duck when it was destroyed. He was succeeded by Vilnix Varg as Grand Moff.

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