Grand Moff Gratley
Born 2671
Died 2714
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Admiral, Grand Moff
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Waylong Gratley Sr. (Father)

Doreen Gratley (Mother)

Grand Moff Waylon Gratley (Waylon Cornelius Charles; December 23rd 2671 - September 2nd 2714) was the last Grand Moff of The Empire, as well as having the shortest tenure as Grand Moff.

Early Life Edit

Waylon Gratley was born on the 23rd of December 2671. He was the only son of Waylong Gratley Sr. and Doreen Gratley - having 3 sisters. Waylon was 2 years old when The Fourth Great War began. Waylon's father was a supporter of The Empire, and signed up for the army the day after the war began. Because of this, Waylon rarely saw his father. On the 29th of April 2678., Waylon's father was killed in action at the age of 36. Waylon joined army training in 2684, and became a soldier in 2689.

Military Career Edit

Waylon became a soldier in 2689. He fought in several battles, and was promoted to a Captain due to his skill. He was promoted to a Sergeant in 2695, and a General in 2703. In 2710, The Emperor promoted him to an Admiral. He joined The Duckretists, and he would work on The Death Duck, alerting The Emperor to events in battle and organizing troops.

The Last Battle Edit

In the last battle of the war on the 2nd of September 2714, Gratley served onboard The Death Duck, receiving orders from Grand Moff Trauer, who was aboard The Excrutionator. Gratley spent the battle travelling to and from The Emperor's Throne Room, and telling him of events in the battle such as the destruction of the shield generator. When he alerted The Emperor of The Excrutionator's destruction and Trauer's death, The Emperor made Gratley the new Grand Moff. Gratley then ordered the fighter pilots, which were pursuing Allied pilots who were inside The Death Duck, to withdraw and join the battle. When they protested, Gratley threatened to have them Court Marshaled. Due to this, the allies were able to destroy The Death Duck Core, causing the space station to explode. This caused the death of Gratley, the collapse of The Empire and then end of The Fourth Great War.

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