Grand Master Udo Loor
Born 2450
Died 2580
Species Kel Dor
Other Info
Occupation Jedi Grand Master
HomeWorld Keldish
Family Master Tor Loor (Father)

Mistress Lai Loor (Mother)
Princee Aer of Keldihs (Wife)
Master Udo Loor (Son)
Grand Master Plo Koon (great-grandson)

Grand Master Udo Loor (2450 - 2580) was a Grand Master of The Jedi, and legendary user of the force during the 25th and 26th century.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Udo was the eldest of three sons. His father was the Jedi Master, Tor Loor, and his mother was a Jedi Mistress named Lai Viee. Udo was born into The Loor family, and famous Keldish family - known for their strength in The Force, and history with The Jedi Order. As with most members of the family, Loor and his brothers entered the Jedi Temple as younglings on their 4th birthday.

Training[edit | edit source]

Udo moved to the Jedi Temple in 2454. Unlike most other younglings, he was able to see his parents often, as they were also Jedi. When he became 12, he became the Padawan of the legendary Jedi, Mortlock the Wise. Udo trained under Mortlock for another 9 years, before being made a Jedi Knight at the age of 21.

Revelation[edit | edit source]

In 2487, Udo's brother, Nav, was killed whilst on a mission with his master - they had been tracking down a band of murdering pirates. This strongly effected Udo, and from then on, vowed only to use his powers for good. He abandoned his lightsaber, and focused solely on his connection to the force.

Meditation[edit | edit source]

Udo spent the next 61 years alone in the Mountains of Kaborara, meditating and studying the force. In 2548, he finally returned to the Jedi temple, having been enlightened in the force. He was made a Grand Master, and finally began training a padawan.

Padawan[edit | edit source]

Udo's first padawan was named Groop Girpshaw. After trainging with Girpshaw for 7 years, he made the young padawan a Jedi Knight, who went off travelling the galaxy. Udo spent the remaining years of his life training younglings.

Death[edit | edit source]

Udo became secluded from the jedi, and retreated to his chambers where he remained, meditating, for 13 years. Finally, in 2580, at the age of 130, Udo became one with the force, and died.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

When Udo travelled around Mountains of Kaborara, he stumbled upon some members of the Royal Family visiting. He saw, and instantly fell in love with Princess Aer, the King's daughter. They got married in 2490, and had two sons together. Both of their sons were born in the mountains, and were named Udo (2498 - 2622) and Nav (2502 - 2601). The two brothers would later both become Jedi Masters themselves, and through his eldest son, Udo, he is a maternal great-grandfather of the famous Jedi Grand Master, Plo Koon.

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