Grand Master Omo Iktotchi
Born 2636
Died 2770
Species Saesean
Other Info
Occupation Grand Master of The Jedi
HomeWorld Saesee
Family Master Bouri Iktotchi (Father)

Mistress Wol Iktotchi (Mother)

Mistress Cabass Iktotchi (Wife)
5 Children 14 Grandchildren 21 Great-Grandchildren 44 Great-Great-Grandchildren

Grand Master Omo Iktotchi (2636 - September 5th 2770) was a Grand Master of the Jedi, and one of the last apprentices of the famous Jedi Grand Master, Plo Koon.

Early Life Edit

Omo Iktotchi was born on Saesee, in the year 2636. His exact date of birth was lost when the documents were destroyed in a fire at the Jedi Temple. He was the only child of the Jedi Master Bouri Iktotchi, and his wife, the Jedi Mistress Wol Iktotchi. When Omo turned 3, his parents brought him to the Jedi temple, where he began his training as a youngling under the newly made Grand Master, Plo Koon. When Omo turned 12, his father prepared to take him on as his own Padawan, until Plo Koon asked Omo's father if he could train the boy. Delighted that the Grand Master of The Jedi saw something in his son, Bouri graciously accepted Plo's offer.

Training Edit

Omo trained with Plo Koon for 10 years. Later, Plo would saw that omo was the best padawan he ever trained. In 2652, Omo saved Plo's life after the Grand Master was nearly killed by a Gazelderbeast.

Jedi Knighthood Edit

Plo Koon made Omo a Jedi knight when he was 23, in 2659. Unlike any over his other apprentices, Plo Koon gladly took Omo to The Ceremony of Life for 2660. Omo didn't take on a padawan until he became a Jedi Master, the day before the start of The Fourth Great War in 2674.

The Fourth Great War Edit

Omo is remembered as one of the greatest heroes of The Fourth Great War, leading Jedi and troops into battle countless times. He was made a Grand Master in 2698 for his services in the war and for reaching enlightenment the year before in 2697.

Final Battle Edit

In the final battle of The War, Omo led the ground troopers on the forest moon of Chertle to destroy the Shield Generator, which was protecting The Death Duck from being destroyed by The Allied Forces. After Omo and his army successfully did this, the Allied Fleet were able to enter The Death Duck and destroy it, ending The Fourth Great War in 2714.

Later Life Edit

After the end of The Fourth Great War, Omo settled down and spent more time with his wife, children and grandchildren. His first great-grandchild was born in 2721. Plo Koon died 5 years later in 2726. Omo spent most of the rest of his life teaching younglings and meditating. He finally died in 2770, at the age of 134.


Omo is descended, paternally, from the famous Iktotchi family of Jedi Masters, and on his mother's side - the family of Kitchora, who were also Jedi Masters.

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