Gordon was the last of the ancient species known as Giant Galapody .

Gordon compared to an average human
Vital statistics
Habitat Jungle - Ollieland
Diet Leaves, Trees
Status Herbivore
Physical attributes
Height 23 Meters
Weight 2 Tonnes
Notable features Scar on back.


When zoologists went to make a TV programme about Galapodies in the wild, they did not expect to find a type of Galapody that had been extinct for 2 million years. Gordon was found mingling with a herd of several normal Galapodies, who didn't seem to notice Gordon's extreme size. Giant Galapodies were cousins to the modern Galapody, except they were extremely big, the average male being around 20 meters. Gordon was 23 meters, and weighing in at just over 2 tonnes. No-one knows where he came from. Gordon was sedated with an injection that would kill a human. It took 500 helicopters to carry him to a sancturary, where he was studied for 2 years, until he mysteriously died of unknown causes. Since Gordon's discovery, no other Giant Galapodies have been found living today. It remains one of the natural world's biggest mysteries.  


Gordon was named after Gordon Smith, the father of his discoverer, John Smith.

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