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Location The Theoland Galaxy
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Georthelon was populated planet that was the cousin planet of Theoland.

Appearance Edit

Georthelon had one continent. Other then the main continent their are a few islands to the east. The ocean is very deep. The north pole is small. Whereas the south pole takes up half of the southern hemisphere. The planet has one ring made of asteroids. It has 4 moons with one supporting life.

Countries Edit

There are four major countries on Georthelon.

Creortha, Leernad, Jaysord and Pielor.

Population Edit

Georthelon were around 7 billion humans and half a billion sidros.

Many species of animals lived on Georthelon.

The Fall of Georthland Edit

During the war of the galaxy the Georthland President was killed by the imperials, as were the billions of civilians. The king and princess were rescued but Georthland was overtaken by the Imperials and is being turned into a cloning planet.

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