General Thurlough Zod (2760 - 2814), born Thurlough Copperpott was a former soldier in The Ollieland Army, and the son of the criminal mastermind, The Penguin.

Thurlough Copperpott
Born 2760
Died 2814
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Soldier (Formerly), Criminal
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family The Penguin (Father)

Faora Copperpott (Sister) The Penguin Sr. (great-great-grandfather)

Early LifeEdit

Thurlough was born in his father's lair in an ancient cavesystem on Ollieland. His father was the notorious Penguin, and his mother is an unknown woman from Ollieland. In 2779, he joined The Ollieland Army. He was promoted to the rank of General in 2798, but decided to leave the army in 2800.

Helping his FatherEdit

Thurlough began helping his father commit crimes, with the help of his sister, Faora. Thurlough and his father began battling the hero Batman in 2804, and fought against him many times over the next year. One final fight in 2805 resulted in Batman murdering The Penguin.

Avenging his FatherEdit

After his father's death, Thurlough and his sister swore revenge on Batman. In 2813, they tried to kill the hero, but Batman was helped by his cousin, Superman, and his daughter. Together, the three heroes murdered Faora, and closed in on Thurlough, who proceeded to run up a mountain. Superman's daughter confronted him. thurlough begged for mercy, but she viciously punched him, sending him over the edge of the cliff. He smashed into the rocks on the way down, snapping his spine, and his body vanished into the woods.

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