Furnax Nicholas Sidious (July 29th 2512 - April 28th 2574) was a merchant on Enkland during the 26th century. He is remembered for being the brother of the infamous Salazar Sidious

Furnax Sidious
Furnax Sidious
Born 2512
Died 2574
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Merchant
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Severus Sidious (Father), Minerva Sidious (Mother), 3 Brothers


Furnax was the 2 of Severus and Minerva Sidious ' 4 sons. He was born in 2512. He was slightly below the average grades in school. After school, he joined his father as a merchant. Due to his unhealthy appitite, Furnax increasingly gained weight. By the time he was 40, he was a considerabley overweight and grumpy man. Furnax became the full time owner of their stall when his father died in 2572, but due to his weight, he died only 2 years later after a series of heart attacks. 

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