Frosetle is a dark planet with 70% land and all the square mile having at least 20 trees on it.

Vital statistics
Type Planet
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Location The Theoland Galaxy
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Ancient HistoryEdit

Frosetle was formed in 1,004,193,376. An asteroid hit the planet in 528,684,137 causing a huge forest fire lasting 10 years. A devastating earthquake created the one massive continent to break up.


Frosetle is a very humid planet filled with trees up to 120 meters high. The water on the planet is very salty and can kill humans if they swallow over 20ml of it. Frosetle has the deepest ocean in the galaxy with the deepest part of the ocean only 20 miles from the centre of the planet.


There is a lot of wildlife living on frosetle because of all the food. Frosetle has some of the biggest animals in the Master Finger! The most coomon animals are:

  1. Crocoelekeys
  2. Square Guys
  3. Trooraptors
  4. Baysaurs
  5. Primefernos
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