Fish 2.png
Born 1,997,292,929 AN
Died N/A
Species Goldfish
Other Info
Occupation Scientist, Carer
HomeWorld Theoland
Family N/A

Fish was created at the creation of the galaxy to help Theo create everything.


After Theo and Fish created the galaxy the galaxy Fish went to Ollieland to study. He became a scientist and made his bowl advanced by ading arms, legs and a propeller so he can fly around a make more things. He learnt how create wormholes to easily transport from theoland to ollieland within 1 minute with the help of Mousey.


Fish returned to Theoland after Sandy was created to look after him. Much to fish's disliking Sandy calls Fish clone. Fish often carries Sandy around as he is very strong. Fish often got caught up in Sandy's Kung Fu pratice as Diego liked chewing on his propeller and drinking the water.

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