Emperor William II of Aissurp
The last photo taken of William in 2725
Born 2648
Died 2730
Species Vampire
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Aissurp (Formerly)
HomeWorld Aissurp
Family Emperor Frederick (Father)

Empress Louise (Mother)

Empress Viktoria (Wife)
7 Children

Emperor William II of Aissurp (January 27th 2648 - June 4th 2730) was the supreme ruler of The Aissurpian Empire from his father's death in 2677, until the monarchy was abolished following his banishment from The Ollieland Galaxy, in 2714.

Early Life Edit

William was born on the 27th of January 2648, in the royal palace of Aissurp. He was born 33 weeks after his grandfather, Emperor William I of Aissurp, died, and was thus next-in-line to succeed his father from birth. He had one brother named Henry, who was his military adviser during The Fourth Great War.

Marriage and children Edit

William married Princess Viktoria of Boata in 2670. They had the following 7 children:

His children produced him over 20 grandchildren.

Reign Edit

William's father, Frederick died in 2677, when William was 29. William was crowned Emperor the following day. The first thing he did as Emperor was enter Aissurp into The Fourth Great War, which was raging throughout the galaxy.

The Fourth Great War Edit

William supported The Empire during The Fourth Great War, as he thought they were most likely to win. Over the course of the war, William would send The Empire over 2,000,000 soldiers. William became an outcast from his extended family. His cousins, Lord Marcus Vampire and Grand-Duke Ludwig of Esseh both supported The Allies, so tension rose between the once close cousins.

Exile and Abdication Edit

When the Fourth Great War finally ended in 2714, William knew he was doomed for supporting the now destroyed Empire. Aissurp was in massive debt - starvation and poverty affected all. Finally, the people revolted. The stormed the palace and forced William to abdicate, or die. William signed, and the monarchy was abolished - replaced with a government. William and his family went in exile to Rehtneland. William lost all his royal titles - now known simply as William Tovic. His children lost all titles other than "of Aissurp", and where henceforth known just as, for example, Ernest of Aissurp

Death Edit

William lived in Rehtneland with his family until his death at the age of 82, in 2730. He was the only Emperor of Aissurp not to be buried in The Royal Mausoleum (partly because it was burned to the ground during the Revolution of 2714.)

Ancestry Edit

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