Ollie is the ruler of The Ollieland Galaxy , and is worshipped there as a King and as a God.

Emperor Ollie
Born 1,999,000,111
Died n/a
Species Human/ God
Other Info
Occupation Ruler of Ollieland, God of Ollieland
HomeWorld Ollieland/ Earth
Family BarBar (Son), ChooChoo (Son), Diego(Son), Theo (Brother), Mia (Sister), Several Nephews and Nieces

Early LifeEdit

Ollie was born originally on Earth in the year "1999", but soon after his birth,  created the various universe in The Master Finger. The first universe he created was The Master Universe, and the first Galaxy he created was The Ollieland Galaxy, named after himself. Ollie also created The Force and founded The jedi order, as well as creating two more Galaxies in The Master Universes and several more Universes with many galaxies in them.

Photo (1)

An ancient drawing of the Final battle in the war.

The Great Killer-Crator WarEdit

The war mongering race known as the killer-crators invaded Ollieland during The Ancient Times. Ollie was among The Jedi that protected Ollieland, and ended up defeating The Killer-Crators once and for all. 


When Ollie's siter became Queen of The Mialand Galaxy, Ollie created an island on Ollieland in order to send people over there to populate. Mialand became forever in Ollieland's debt because of this.

The Mialand ConflictEdit

In 1980 (ML-TZ), Ollie's sister was overthrown by her own daughter, who became Empress Alice of Mialand. Ollie recieved desparate calls from Mialand for help to bring Mia back as monarch through war, but Ollie declined. The ollieland Galaxy was in the middle of The Fourth Great War at that point, so ollie didn't have the time. Alice was later overthrown due to the help of The Theoland Galaxy .

Ollieland MythologyEdit

Ollie is still considered the God and protector of Ollieland, who watches over them all. He has many supernatural powers.

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