Emperor Koba of Draug (April 29th 2291 - July 4th 2349) was the supreme Emperor of the planet Draug from 2320 until his assassination 29 years later.

Emperor Koba
Born 2291
Died 2349
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Draug
HomeWorld Draug
Family Emperor Caesar (Father)

Empress Cornelia (Mother)

Early LifeEdit

Emperor Koba was the eldest of two sons. His father was Emperor Caesar and his mother was Empress Cornelia. Koba's father died in 2320, and Koba then became the Emperor.


Koba is remembered as one of the most hated and unpopular Emperors of Draug of all time. He raised the taxes 27% , and started a war against the Morshnians who lived on a nearby moon (for no reason). The Moon War was only a success because Koba forced every man who was between the ages of 17 and 55 to join the army. Half of the soldiers who went to the moon were killed.


In 2349, after 29 years of a hellish rule, a man named Brutus Erinson hatched a plan to assassinate Draug and replace the royal family with a Government and Presidency. In July 2349, Koba, whilst asleep in bed, was killed when several barrels of gunpowder were set off in the basement of the palace. The explosion obliterated the north and east towers, but Koba remained unharmed. He then tried to escape, but discovered that his door had been locked from the outside. The explosion caused a fire to spread throughout the palace, until the whole building was ablaze. As the fire spread into Koba's room, he realised, to his horror, that the were 4 more barrels of Gunpowder under his bed, and his mattress and pillows were also stuffed full of gunpowder. Koba's bedroom then erupted into a gargantuan explosion, which sprayed flames and rubble all over the city. A total of 78 people (including Koba) died in the explosions, and another 342 in the fire that followed.


After Koba's death, Erinson became the president of Draug. However, the goverment seemed to be even more unpopular than the Royal Family. However, a year after Koba's death, Erinson was assassinated by a rogue sith lord. Draug then re-adopted the royal family, and Koba's second-cousin, Emperor Mur , took over.

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