Emperor Edward II
Born 2500
Died 2531
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Suryor
HomeWorld Suryor
Family Emperor Henry I (Father)

Empress Adeliza (Mother)
Empress Maudine (Wife)
Emperor Harold II (Son)

Emperor Harold I of Suryor (Harold Henry Frederick; February 1st 2500 - October 14th 2531) was the Supreme Emperor of The Suryorian Empire from March the 31st 2527 until his death after an injury sustained in a hunting accident 4 and a half years later.

Early Life Edit

Harold was the eldest of three sons. His father was Emperor Henry I and his mother was Empress Adeliza. He was baptised in March and named Henry and Frederick after his paternal grandfather and paternal great-grandfather. He was betrothed to Maudina of Xnob in 2511, and they got married in 2527. They had one baby - a son in 2528 called Harold.

Reign and Death Edit

Harold's father died of pneumonia on the 31st of March 2527, and Harold was crowned Emperor Harold I. Harold's reign was short and uneventful. He became an avid hunter during the last years of his life. in October 2531, he was on a hunting trip when a falling tree caused a giant landslide, which resulted in Harold being paralysed from the neck down. He died from his injuries a few days later at the age of 31 on the 14th of October 2531. He son was crowned Emperor Harold II at the age of 3.

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