Supreme Emperor Eklaf The First (Formerly Lord Eklaf) was the first Emperor of The Sith and is regarded as one of the most evil and powerful ebings in the history of The Master Finger.

Emperor Eklaf I
Born 2370
Died 2518
Species Owl
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of The Sith
HomeWorld Narb
Family Emperor Eklaf II (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Eklaf was born Neit Eklaf, on Narb in 2370. He was the 3rd chick of Obern Eklaf (2341 - 2413) and Eune Eklaf (2444 - 2407). Eklaf ran away from home when he was 14 in order to find Lord Venamis, who had phycically called him using The Force.


Eklaf found Lord Venamis, who trained the young owl, along with two other apprentices, Lord Lare and Lord Naat. Eklaf was extremely gifted in his use of the force from a young age, and had finished his training long before Lord Lare and Lord Naat. Venamis was impressed, and began teaching Eklaf incredibly powerful force techniques, which would enable Eklaf to take over.

The RevolutionEdit

Lord Naat had died in 2400, but Lare and Venamis were still alive at the time of Eklaf's revolution. Eklaf had been planning to build a sith Empire since 2388, and had been plotting ever since. In 2412, he Attacked the sith castle. He murdered his master, but Lord Lare escaped.

Confronting Lord LareEdit

Eklaf then hunted down Lord Lare. it took a year for him to find his old friend, but when he did they began dueling. After an intense 5 minute duel, he murdered Lare, and force pushed his corpse off of the muntain they had been fighting on.

The Sith EmpireEdit

Eklaf then founded The Sith Empire, and declared himself Emperor of it. He baegan recruiting and training Sith to join, but The Dark Lord of The Sith, illvilliga Vile , refused to join him.


Eklaf then had 3 children, including Emperor Eklaf II. Another of Eklaf's children attempted to assassinate him, but Eklaf managed to kill them.

Abdication and ImprisonmentEdit

In 2461, Eklaf II forced his father to abdicate from his role as Emperor. Eklaf agreed, and his treacherous son became Emperor Eklaf II. Eklaf was thrown into the dungeons and left there to rot. Eklaf used the force to keep alive until the year 2518, at which point The Sith Empire had been destroyed after the murder of Emperor Eklaf III. The dungeon was filled up, trapping Eklaf forever. In 2518, after nearly 20 years in pitch darkness with no sound, food or water, Eklaf died. His body is still incased in the dungeon, nearly 300 years after his death

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