Emperor Edward III
Born 2608
Died 2687
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Suryor
HomeWorld Suryor
Family Prince Harold (Father)

Empress Anne (Mother)
Empress Matilda (Wife)
Emperor Henry II (Son)
Prince Geoffrey (Son)
Prince William (Son)

Emperor Edward III Of Suryor (Edward Harold Alexander; February 7th 2608 - September 10th 2687) was the supreme Emperor of the Suryorian Empire from 2635 until 2637, and then again from 2647 until his death 40 years later.

Early Life Edit

Edward was born on the 7th of February 2608. He was the oldest of 3 children - having two younger sisters. He was baptised on the 1st of May, and named Edward and Alexander after his grandfathers, and Harold after his father. He was born during the reign of his great-grandfather, Emperor Harold II, who he would succeed as Emperor in 2635.

Marriage and Children Edit

Edward married Matilda of Suryor, his second-cousin, in 2632. They later had three sons in 2639, 2641 and 2643 - including Edward's heir, Henry.

Constitutional Crisis Edit

In 2635, his great-grandfather died at the age of 107. By this time, Edward's father and grandfather had both died, so he was crowned Emperor. However, Edward's uncle, Peter, believed that he should be Emperor, as he was older and more experienced. What followed was a decade long conflict for the throne between nephew and uncle. However, when Peter's only son, John, died in 2645, Peter's dream to found a royal dynasty was shattered. Peter died alone and heirless 2 years later, and Edward's rule as Emperor was solidified.

The Fourth Great War Edit

The Fourth Great War began in 2674, and Edward entered Suryor into the Allied Forces. It was during this time that he gained a close bond with his maternal cousin, George III - the King of Enkland. Edward sent supplies and soldiers to Enkland, where they were transferred into Allied Camps to be prepared for war. Edward's grandson James, who was a soldier, was killed in 2685 during a battle.

Later Life and Death Edit

Edward never lived to see the end of the war. He died on the 10th of September 2687, at the age of 79. The war would last just under 30 more years. Edward was succeeded by his eldest son, Henry, who was crowned Emperor Henry II.

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