Vital statistics
Habitat Jungle, Plains, City
Diet Omnivore/ Herbiover
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 1.7m - 3m
Weight 200 - 600lbs
Notable features Trunk, Tusks, Large Ears
Elephants are a species that live in The Master Universe. They are the most respected race in Theoland due to their immense strength and size.


Elephants originally stood on all four legs but have evolved to stand on two like humans. They are known for being wise, intelligent and living by the rule "No elephant will harm another elephant."

History Edit

Elephants originated in Theoland. Roughly 55,000 years ago, a band of elephants were able to get themselves to a planet in The Ollieland Galaxy. It is unknown how they did this, but they created the Elephanto Tribe, which is now the Elephanto Empire. They continued to live in Theoland and are now one of the most prominent species in the whole galaxy, living on most planets, whilst only living on one in The Ollieland Galaxy.


Most elephants enroll in the Theoland army and are the second most common race in the army after clones. There are many elephant generals and they are often in charge of squads in jungles and forests.


Elephants are the tallest race in the Theoland galaxy with the average size at 3 metres tall and weighing 2 tonnes

Famous ElephantsEdit

There are many famous elephants like:

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