Ebenezer Wilfordshire was the prime minister of Ollieland from 2664 - 2670.

Ebenezer Wilfordshire
Born 2622
Died 2716
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Prime Minister
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Fergus Wilfordshire (Father), Doreen Wilfordshire (Mother), 11 siblings, Benjamin Wilfordshire (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Ebenezer was the 8th of 12 children. His father was Fergus Wilfordshire and his mother was Doreen Wilfordshire.

Prime MinistershipEdit

Ebenezer was elected the Prime Minister in 2664. Many of the decicions he made during his time as prime Minister were extremely unpopular, and he was voted out of office after 6 years.

Personal LifeEdit

Ebenezer married an unknown woman and had one son, Benjamin Wilfordshire. Ebenezer is also the great-great-grandfather of the presener of Ollieland World News, Arthur Wilfordshire.

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