Duke Marcus I
Born 2480
Died 2536
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Duke of Xnob
HomeWorld Xnob
Family Duke Francis of Xnob (Father)

Duchess Mary of Xnob (Mother)
Duchess Mary of Xnob (Wife)
Baron Wilhuff of Xnob (Brother)
7 Sons

Duke Marcus I of Xnob was the ruler of the planet Xnob from 2533 until his death 3 years later. 

Early LifeEdit

Marcus was the first son of Duke Francis of Xnob and Duchess Mary of Xnob. He was born in The Royal Palace in Capton. Marcus was born during the dukeship of his great-grandfather, Duke John IV of Xnob , who died 3 days after Marcus' birth. Marcus' grandfather, Duke Phillip I of Xnob , then became the Duke. Marcus' brother, Wilhuff, was born in 2483.

The ArmyEdit

Marcus joined The Xnobian Air Force in 2499, at the age of 19. He rose to the title of Sergeant by 2502. He remained in the air force until he became The Duke in 2533.

The Flight WarEdit

In 2510, The Flight War began after Archduke Hans Francesco of Gilo invaded Xnob's ally Glupe, led by King Herald II. Marcus fought in the war, which is named The Flight War after the many battles fought in the skies above Glupe. In 2516, Marcus and a large squadron stormed Glupe's capital city Roupe, where Hans Francesco was staying with his advisors Lord Cuthbert Bucket and Dame Hilda Higgs . When Marcus and his squadron stormed the palace, they arrested Dame Higgs, but killed Lord Bucket after he attacked them. Francesco, however, managed to escape on a small ship. Fransco was soon killed when the ship was shot out of the sky, ending the war. For his contribution to the war, Marcus was made a Senior Master Sergeant.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Marcus married Princess Mary of Enkland in 2508, and had their first son, Duke Hans of Xnob , in 2510. They had 6 more sons during the next 6 years, the youngest being Prime Minister Phillip of Xnob


Marcus' father died in 2533, and Marcus became the new Duke of Xnob. He was a fairly popular leader, despite making few public appearances.


Marcus died of a heart attack 3 years after he was made duke, in 2536. After his death, his son hans became duke of xnob. Through his youngest son, Phillip, he is a direct aancestor of the current Royal Family of Enkland.

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