Duke Marcus II of Xnob (13 April 2556 - 31 January 2649; born Marcus John William) was the last Georgian Duke of Xnob, the brother of King George I of Enkland, and the mastermind behind the plot to murder every member of The Enklish Royal Family in 2649.

Duke Marcus II of Xnob
Born 2556
Died 2649
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Duke of Xnob, Advisor to King George I of Enkland
HomeWorld Xnob
Family Duke Phillip of Xnob (Father)

Ann of Xnob (Mother) 4 Siblings

Early LifeEdit

Marcus was the final son of Prime Minister-Duke Phillip of Xnob and Ann of Xnob. At the time of his birth he had 3 older brothers, King George of Enkland, Duke Hans of Xnob and Cesare of Xnob. Marcus' younger sister, Lucrecia, was born 2 years after him. Marcus' eldest brother, George, was crowned King of Enkland in 2573, when Marcus was 17.


Marcus made massive amounts of money through his illegal alcohol trade until, eventually, he became a billionaire. Unlike his brother, George, Marcus would decline all requests from his other siblings for money.


Some say Marcus was the one who infected his father with Morte-Malattia, by shooting a small dart filled with the virus into Phillip's neck. Marcus was the only one of Phillip's children to not visit him during his final days. Marcus is also said to have arranged the executions of Hans, Cesare and Lucrecia, and even refused to bail them out. His 3 siblings were executed in 2600.

The Plot and DeathEdit

George died in 2639, and Marcus' nephew, George II was made King. Marcus spent the next decade planning a way to murder all of the royal family at once, and in 2648 decided to blow up The Great Palace. Whilst planting some explosives on the roof, Marcus famously slipped and fell over 150m into the cobbles below, ending his life at the age of 93.

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