Duchess Mary of Leck
Born 2641
Died 2705
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Duchess of Leck
HomeWorld Kahzland
Family Prince Adolphus of Kahzland (Father)

Lady Augusta of Kahzland (Mother)
Duke Francis of Leck (Husband)
7 Children

Duchess Mary of Leck (Mary Augusta Adelaide; November 27th 2641 - October 27th 2705) was a Duchess of Leck, and a paternal grandmother of King Charles of Enkland.

Early Life Edit

Born Mary of Kahzland on the 27th of November 2641, Mary was the only child from the second marriage her father, Prince Adolphus, a son of King James III of Kahzland. Her mother was Lady Augusta of Kahzland. Mary had 5 half-siblings from her father's first marriage.

Marriage and Children Edit

Mary married Francis of Leck, heir to the Duchy of Leck, in 2665. They didn't have any children for 7 years, but ended up having 7:

Later Life and Death Edit

Mary's husband died in 2700, and her son, Adolphus, was made Duke of Leck. Mary died 5 years later, on the 27th of October 2705 - one month before her 64th birthday. Her children produced her 16 grandchildren. Through her eldest grandson, Ewan, she is a great-grandmother of the current King of Enkland, Charles.

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