A dotular compared to a human
Vital statistics
Habitat Plains of Isle of Punc
Diet Medium size mammals
Status Extinct
Physical attributes
Height 2 metres
Weight 100 Kg
Notable features Blue Beak, Brownish, Unable to fly
Dotulars were large flightless birds which often hunted on medium size animals. They went extinct in 4814 BBU although some people think they still exist.

Biology Edit

Dotulars were one of the biggest flightless birds to live on Theoland. They normally ate medium size mammals but would sometimes attack humans. They were the top predator on the islands and could swim from one island to the next although it would take roughly an hour. Despite their size they were fast runners. Being able to run at 25 mph and could jump 3 meters.

Before Extinction Edit

Dotular were common around the isle of punc and didn't normally attack humans but if food was scarce they would attack. Before the extinction they were around 20 Dotulars per square mile.

Extinction Edit

Dotulars went extinct when Verstowa erupted. As they could not fly and weren't fast swimmers they got stuck on the islands and drowned when the tsunamis hit or when the islands collapsed.

Dotular Sightings Edit

As they were the national animals of the isle of punc before it's destruction many people still wanted it to be alive. Over the years there has been 10 sightings around the Big T and 3 around Isle of sand.

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