A Deino with a spear
Vital statistics
Habitat Forests and caves of Frostetle
Diet Meat
Status Uncommon
Physical attributes
Height 5m
Weight 1 tonne
Notable features Covered in moss

Large claws and teeth Large head

Deinos are a intelligent species of animals that live on the planet Frosetle.

Biology Edit

Deinos are the tallest,strongest and most feared carnivore on frosetle. They lay their eggs in caves and guard the cave for the 2 months it takes to hatch. When the eggs hatch the mother kills and feeds the weakest of her children to the others. Deino's jaws are super powerful and can bite through steel. They are thought to be distant relatives of the Baysaur as they look alike and both have plants growing on them.

Tribes Edit

Deinos are very intelligent creatures and create tribes. The leader of the tribe are called Deino Saurs. The strongest male becomes the Deino Saur when it defeats the one before it.They are intelligent enough to make weapons like spears.

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