Darren Malone is the star of the film Darren's Tale and The Fudge and Snowflake Movie

Darren J Malone
Born 2790
Died n/a
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation PC Technician
HomeWorld Earth
Family Stuart Malone (Father), Marie-Ann Malone (Mother)

Early LifeEdit

Darren was the only child of Stuart and Marie-Ann Malone. As a baby, he ate so much, and was eating the family out of house and home. Literally. Darren's grandfather, Randolph Malone, suggested abandoning him in the woods, and Staurt agreed.


Darren was discovered in the woods by Mistress UdgeF , who took him in and raised him. After a few years, she too abandoned him due to his low intellect and lack of hygene. He was then adopted by Klanswofe.

Life at KlanswofesInc.Edit

Darren then worked as a PC Technician at Klanswofe Inc. from the ages of 4 until Klanswofe's death around 2 decades later. He then began working at a different company as a PC Technician.

Acting CareerEdit

Darren was then asked to appear in The Fudge and Snowflake Movie, staring as himself. He was popular, so a film staring him was made about his life, Darren's Tale: The Life of Darren Malone.


  • His cousing, Brunden, also worked at Klanswofe Inc.
  • Darren's character in World of Warcraft is level 103.
  • Darren's Flappy Bird highscore is in the top 3 in the world
  • Darren says that he would pass out if he didn't have a packet of crisps every 1 and a half minutes.
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