Capital Duckopolis
Population 14,978
Languages Standard Lang
Government Type None - Collapsed
Leader None
Area 7.618 billion km²
Radius 24,622 km
Moons Durlok


Age 4.503 billion years
Darkland (Formerly Duckopolis) is a planet on the outskirts of The Ollieland Galaxy. Darkland was the centre of The Empire and it's base of operations during the first, second, third and fourth Great Wars. Previously, it was known as Duckopolis, and was the planet of the ducks.

History Edit

Darkland was previously inhabited by a sole species - the Ducks. The ducks began spreading over the planet, and by 63,000,000 AN, there were roughly 1 billion ducks living on the planet. By 53,000,000 AN, there was nearly 5 billion. Before The Emperor took over at the start of The First Great War in 2594, Duckopolis was ruled by a monarch. When The Emperor became the dictator, the king, King Walter III, abdicated, and then he and his family vanished from the public eye. However, Walter's son, Prince Donald, began working with The Empire, and eventually became an Admiral, and was one of the first members of The Duckretists. During the wars, especially The Fourth Great War, the planet was severely polluted and destroyed by the billions of factories and weapons testing facilities it had on it. By 2710, there was so much pollution that The Empire had to move out, as it had become un-inhabitable. The seas were turned a murkey green, and the ground became burnt and brittle - with no vegetation or wildlife.

Continents Edit

  • Paca
  • Moant
  • Creta
  • Bl
  • Wie
  • Tip
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