Dalek Xok was the first Dalek ever created. 

Dalek Xok
Born 1560 (Theoland)
Died 1584 (Theoland)
Species Dalek
Other Info
Occupation Second-In-Command of The Daleks (Formally)
HomeWorld Klamow
Family none

Early LifeEdit

Xok was originally a soldier on Klamow . After being injured, he asked the scientist, Davros , to save him by any means. Davros created a robotic casing, and experimented on Xok until he was a small suid-like creature. Davros put Xok in the casing, and created the first Dalek.

The War Against TheolandEdit

Xok was the seond-in-command of The Dalek Army during the war against Theoland. He was a feared soldier, and killed over 10,000 theoish soldiers throughout the war.

Betrayal and DeathEdit

When Davros was instructed to create a new and more powerful breed of daleks, for The Empire, by The Emperor, Xok helped his master make them. However, the new daleks saw Xok and the other original army as "unclean" and proseeded to exterminate them, disintergrating each dalek into ash. Xok tried to stop them with a band of around 12 daleks, by the new daleks were too powerful, and disintergrated them all, including Xok.

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