Dalek Tec is the current leader of the Daleks.

Dalek Tec
Dalek Tec
Dalek Tec
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Species Dalek


Other Info
Occupation Leader of the Daleks
HomeWorld Klamow
Family N/A


Dalek Tec was born on Klamow in the late ancient times. He worked as an assisnant for the scientist Davros. During an experiment to create the first dalek casing, the lab was blown up when a spark from a fault  wire hit some water. He was dieing but Davros saved him by putting him into the prototype of a dalek.

Work as GeneralEdit

When the daleks were at war with Theoland dalek Tec was in charge of the dalek fleet. He made a small cult of the smartest daleks called the Cult of Klamow. He was incharge of the group and often attacked on the battlefield with the cult.

The End of the Fifth Great War of TheolandEdit

When the dalek mothership was destroyed and all the daleks killed Dalek Tec and the Cult of Klamow went into hiding. They hid for ten years coming up with a secret plan. They told the Theoland Senate that they are resurrecting the dalek race.

The Dalek ressurectionEdit

Dalek Tec announced that he was the new leader of the daleks and tha the Theoish should be the first people to watch the new dalek race appear. Dalek Tec sent his second in command, Dalek Hann, to show them what it will do. Dalek Hann went in the machine half destroyed and came out fully rebuilt and more powerful.

The sixth Great War of TheolandEdit

Dalek Tec and his army of millions of daleks attacked Theoland. The war lasted 30 years and over 2 billion Theoish soldiers were killed. The war ended when the jedi master Hammy planted a bomb on the mother-ship destroying all the daleks except Dalek Tec and Dalek Hann who escaped and went into hiding.

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