A Dalek

Daleks are mutated kalods in a metal casing that work for Davros.


Daleks lived on the world Klamow where they were in a war against the humans. After they dropped a massive nuke on the planet wiping out all life their leader Davaros created metal suits for them to live in.


The daleks suit is mae of dalekruim a super strong metal only found on Theoland and Klamow. Their suits have a exterminater, a suction cup, cooling cups and an eyestalk.


The daleks are enemies with every intelligent creature in the Theoland Galaxy. The race they are most at war with are humans. They have had many wars against square guys, wookies, battle droids and Monkey Troops, they have won every battle against these enemies and many more.


Daleks have an interest in Theoland because it is the only planet left in the galaxy that has dalekruim in it due to Klamow being blown up by the monkey troops. They wan't to capture Theoland so they can kill King Theo and gain control of the galaxy and become a god.

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