Dalek tv
An old Dalek (Left) and new Dalek (Right)
Vital statistics
Habitat N/A
Diet N/A
Status Fictional
Physical attributes
Height Old: 1.7 meters

New: 2 meters

Weight old: 600 KG

New: 900 KG

Notable features Made of Dalekrium

Looks robotic

This page is about the Daleks from Theoland Doctor Who. If you would like to go to the daleks in the Theoland Galaxy click here.
Daleks are from the Theoish TV show Doctor Who.

Old Daleks Edit

The original Daleks were created by the scientist Havros and Dalek Tec. Skaleds are Daleks without their armour on. All daleks are Skaleds and the amour was built during the Time War to get the upper hand over the Time Lords. When the Time War was over only four daleks remained, The Cult of Harro. The Cult of Harro was made before the daleks loss the Time War. The leader of the Cult is Dalek Tec. The other members are Dalek Thaan,Dalek rust and Dalek Hay. These Daleks saw their kind killed and seeked revenge on the Time Lords. However there was only one Time Lord left, The Doctor.

New Daleks Edit

The New Daleks were created by The Cult of Harro. They couldn't create new daleks and instead needed to clone them. But their current armour was weak and damaged so Tec upgraded Dalek Thaan to their new armour. However Dalek Thaan betrayed his fellow Daleks and killed Rust and Hay. Dalek Tec teleported away and built a Old Dalek Army to defeat the traitor. Dalek Thaan built a new Dalek army. Dalek Thaan was killed by Tec in the finale of Series 3. However Thaan had a successor, The Supreme. The Supreme was Orange which is the colour of leaders. He rebuilt the new Dalek army to destroy Tec and the Doctor.

Slitheen Edit

The Daleks took over raxacoricofallapatorius and the slitheen inhabitants who were used by The Supreme as slaves. However The Doctor freed all the Slitheens and they were kept in U.N.I.T Head quarters on Theoland.

Havros Edit

Havros was the creator of the Daleks. He didn't want to be complete Dalek so he left his torso and head outside of the casing. He was killed in the Time War by Omega but Tec went back in time when the Cult of Harro was destroyed and saved Havros. Havros helped build an army with Tec to kill the traitors but in the finale of series 4 Havros was killed when a Dalek laser missed the regenerating Doctor and killed Havros. However in the series fianle of series 5 he was shown in the Dalek Mothership along with Tec, The Supreme and Dalek Rust.

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