Crumpet The Guinea Pig (Crumperton Buttered Winston Porcellus Cavy-Doofar; December 2009 - ?), also known as Crumpet Piggy is a guinea pig possibly living on Earth. He is the paternal grandfather of Fudge and Snowflake.

Born December 2009
Died Unknown, Possibly alive
Species Guinea Pig
Other Info
Occupation n/a
HomeWorld Earth
Family Winston (Father), Daisy (mother), Squeakers (Son), Marshmellow (Daughter)

Early Life

Crumpet was born in December 2009 in Whitehall Garden Center, Lacock, Wiltshire. He was the eldest son in a litter of three; his parents were Winston and Daisy. Crumpet was initiated into the Whitehall Breeding Program in early 2010. He was partnered with another guinea pig, Dottie, to have babies with. His first litter with Dottie was born on the 12th of July 2010, and consisted of 2 piglets. His second litter consisted of 3 and his final litter contained 2 piglets. It is unknown what became of Crumpet, but, due to his age, it is assumed that he may have died.


  • In his grandaughter's autobiography, "Eat, Squeak, Poop, Repeat -The Story of Fudge" she wrote that he often burrowed into the sawdust, and that this inspired her to do this, causing her to find a truffle.
  • His grandaughter Snowflake described her grandfather as being "A B". It is unknown what is meant by this, or who it is referring to, Crumpet, or her maternal grandfather, Ginger .
  • According to Fudge, Crumpet once climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro, though got lost at the summit. He reportedly would get home "By nook or by crook"
  • Once opened a floodgate, causing a tsunami in a guinea pig colony, covering over 12 square miles of land in water. When asked why he did it, he replied "Better out than in".
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