Crumpet is a guinea pig possibly living on Earth. He is the paternal grandfather of Fudge and Snowflake .

Born December 2009
Died Unknown, Possibly alive
Species Guinea Pig
Other Info
Occupation n/a
HomeWorld Earth
Family Winston (Father), Daisy (mother), Squeakers (Son), Marshmellow (Daughter)

Early Life

Crumpet was born in Wiltshire, England. There is a possibility that he was not born and raised in Whitehall, but it is likly. At some point he had a litter of two with Dottie .


  • In his grandaughter's autobiography, "Eat, Squeak, Poop, Repeat -The Story of Fudge" she wrote that he often burrowed into the sawdust, and that this inspired her to do this, causing her to find a truffle.
  • His grandaughter Snowflake described her grandfather as being "A B". It is unknown what is meant by this, or who it is refering to, Crumpet, or her maternal grandfather, Ginger .
  • Acording to Fudge, Crumpet once climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro, though got lost at the summit. He reportedly would get home "By nook or by crook"
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