The Crocoelekey is a mutated animal with body parts of a crocodile an elephant and a monkey.

A Crocoelekey
Vital statistics
Habitat Forest, plains,

Theoland, Frosetle

Diet Fruit, Grass, Medium sized animals
Status Omnivore
Physical attributes
Height 2 metres
Weight 8 tonnes
Notable features Head of a crocodile

Body of an elephant Tail of a monkey


The Crocoelekey is a large slow moving animal. Their average weight 8 tonnes due to the huge amount of fat on them. The Crocoelekey is an omnivore and eats fruit, grass and any meat it can find.

Square GuysEdit

The crocoelekey have a long past with square guys after helping them win the Square Guy War. Many Square Guys ride crocoelekeys into battle. The square guys helped defend their planet from the Devil's Sheep .


The crocoelekey live on many planets which include:Frosetle and Theoland . They were created in Frosetle when a Theoland lab blew up scattering radiation over the planet. The planet rains acid for 12 hours a day and so their skin has adapted to not get burnt. When humans returned to Frosetle some crocoelekey hid on their ship which took them to forestion in Theoland.

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