Chief Nyuj (c. 2501 - August 13th 2555) was the last Chief of The Ganattas Tribes, and ruled from 2534 until his death 21 years later.

Chief Nyuj
Born 2501
Died 2555
Species Haare
Other Info
Occupation Chief of The Ganattas Tribe
HomeWorld Haaren
Family Chief Kaum (Father)

Ntau (Son) Several Daughters Qub (Uncle)

Early LifeEdit

Nyuj was born around 2501 in his village to an unknown mother and the village's chief. Nyuj became the Chief in 2534 at the age of 33, after his father suddenly died. Nyuj had his son and heir, Ntau, in 2527.


Nyuj ruled over The Ganattas Empire, which consisted of around 8 individual tribes. Nyuj was a popular leader, and was respected and admired by the people he ruled over. His advisor was the village elder - his uncle, Qub , who would be one of the 5 last survivours of the Haare tribesmen.

The Great War For HaarenEdit

In 2553, Enklish settlers arrived on Haare, after being instructed by Queen Anne to colonise the land and make it part of her Empire. When Nyuj refused to give the settlers his land, they attacked. In 2554, the first attack began. Soon after, Nyuj declared war on the settlers. In June 2555, the settlers were able to call in reinforcements, and Enkland sent an army to take over Haaren by force. They first targeted Nyuj's home villae, where he lived. Nyuj ordered the women and children to hide in his palace whilst he and the men defended. The Enklish then bombarded the palace with cannons, setting it on fire. The fire then spread to the furrounding trees, causing a forest fire. The Enklish then charged. Nyuj tried to fight them off, but his was slashed across his forehead by a sword. Blinded by blood, he swang wildly, until he was shot and killed by a gun.


A painting depicting Nyuj's death


The Enklish burned down the palace, and repeated this until Haaren was completely under their control. In August 2755, after celebrating the 200th anniversary, the people of Haaren began protesting about wanting to leave the Empire and become independant again. King Ewan no longer used the Empire for anything, so agreed to let the become independant if they really wanted to. Haaren finally became independant again on January 4th 2556.

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