Chewing is a wookie who is fighting in the war of the Galaxy with the jedi. 

Born 143 BBU
Died N/A
Species Wookie
Other Info
Occupation Warrior
HomeWorld Theoland
Family Labungatun(G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Great uncle)

Early LifeEdit

Chewing was born in 143 BBU in Nasoom . He is a decendant of the famous jedi Labungatun . When Chewing was only 4 he was kidnapped by slave traders and never saw his family again. While on the slave ship he was rescued by the jedi Yada . Yada told Chewing to go home but on his way home chewing got lost and was captured by more slaves. Yada once again saved Chewing and was suprised to see him. Yada repeated his message. While Chwing was heading home he was attacked by highway men. When he finally found his house it had been 135 years.

Tan PoloEdit

Chewing left his home to explore when he was captured by slave traders again. But this time he was rescued by a gunman who worked for the Monarchy called Tan Polo . He joined Tan to help slaves from their evil traders. Chewing and Tan became best friends despite Chewing speaking in Wookish. Tan and Chewing later joined the smuggling buissness.

The War of The GalaxyEdit

While Tan and Chewing were on a smuggling mission to Cityville the War began... it started in the building they were smuggling in. The building suddenly collapsed and the jedi Master Thomas McGregor was running out Tan and Chewing rescued him and asked what's happening. As they had a jedi in their ship Tan and Chewing got caught up in the war. They later saved, Senator Pae, the droid D3-TO  and the random guy who was in the same building George .

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