Cedric æglund was the first ruler of Enkland, who formed the first of "The Ancient Tribes".

Cedric æglund
Born Unknown
Died 884 ABU
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Chief of Enkland's first tribe
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Cynric æglund (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Cedric was born in Northern Enkland. His father was a warrior. As with most families in the early 9th Century, Cedric and his relatives lived together and travelled around Enkland, never stopping. Cedric's father died around the year 855.

The TribeEdit

When Cedric grew up, he founded Enkland's first tribe, The Tribe of æglund, and ruled over it as chief. Cedric later had a son called Cynric .


Cedric died in the year 884 ABU from unknown causes. His son, Cynric, became the chief after his death. Cedric is the earliest known ancestor of The Royal Family of Enkland , and is nicknamed "The Father of Enkland". 

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