Captain Edward McEgab (Edward John Jacob; January 27th 2576 - c. October 12th 2648) was a royal "Admiral of The Fleet" who served The Royal Enkland Navy during The Georgian Dynasty.

Captain Edward McEgab
Born 2576
Died 2648
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Sailor
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Arthur McEgab (Father)

May McEgab (Mother)

Matthew McEgab (Brother)

Early LifeEdit

Edward was the second child of Arthur McEgab, 5th Earl of Gabeton (2543 - 2619) and May McEgab (2645 - 2627). He was raised in his family's home in Enkland. His older brother Matthew McEgab (2574 - 2652) succeeded their father as earl of Gabeton in 2619.

Naval CareerEdit

Edward joined the royal navy of Enkland in 2592. He rose through the ranks due to his leadership skills and natural ability on the boats. He was made "Supreme Admiral of The Fleet of Enkland" in 2625 by King George I. He often captained royal ships when The King when on a trip. George I died in 2639, and Edward came under the command of King George II. Edward became close friends with the King.


The last photo Captain McEgab, taken shortly before the disasterous voyage.

Final VoyageEdit

In 2648, Edward agreed to captain The HMS Enkland and transport The King to his home in Capton. This would be a 3 day voyage. On the second day of the voyage, at midnight, The HMS Enkland encountered a gargantuan storm. The huge waves threatened to capsize the ship, and Edward couldn't keep the wheel under control. He managed to keep the ship steady with the help of The King, but the waves were too much, and one giant wave capsized the boat.


In 2791, a group of divers discovered the wreck of The HMS Enkland at the bottom of the sea. 3 bodies were found, but they did not find the body of Edward or The King. An excavation project was started, but then stopped. It was decided to leave the ship as it was as a memorial to the sailors that died.

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