Ben Gregory
Born 2720
Died 2815
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Actor
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Frank Gregory (Father)

May Gregory (Mother) 4 Children 7 Grandchildren 3 Great-Grandchildren

Ben Gregory (Benjamin Frank Gregory; April the 2nd 2720 - September the 2nd 2815) was an Ollieish actor, most known for playing Cyber in the popular TV show Doctor Who.

Early Life Edit

Ben was born on April the 2nd 2720, the only son of Frank Gregory (2694 - 2671), a banker, and May Gregory nee Olsen (2698 - 2680). Ben had 3 sisters. Ben's father was a shopkeeper, and much loved member of the village community where Ben grew up. His mother was born in Kahzland, and her paternal grandfather, Victor Olsen (2636 - 2708), had been a close friend and advisor of King William XI.

Career Edit

Ben began acting at the age of 8 in 2728. He later went to The Royal Ollieland School of Arts where he was selected to appear in the 2737 film The Robo-Men. In 2757, the man who was planning to direct a new TV show called "Doctor Who", Cecil Oldboy, ordered his men to track down Ben after seeing the 20 year-old film, as he wanted Ben to play the role of "Cyber"

Doctor Who Edit

Ben first appeared in the 2757 episode The Cyber-Men. He played Cyber, the highly popular good cyberman, who has the ability to feel emotion, as well as regenerate. Cyber was officially retired from the show in 2764, but has made over 70 cameo appearances in the show since then.

Personal Life Edit

Ben got married to Henrietta Coles in 2746. They had a daughter, Jemima, in 2749. Henrietta died in 2754, and Ben re-married to Julia Andts in 2758. They had 2 sons and a daughter, born in 2759, 2761 and 2763. Ben has 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Ben died on the 2nd of September 2815, at the age of 95.

Filmography Edit

Year Film Role Other notes
2737 The Robo-Men General Zod
2743 TV Advert Skier
2757 - 2764, 2768 - 2770, 2777 - 2791, 2801, 2807 Doctor Who (TV) Cyber Best Supporting Acto (Over 30s)
2769 Marshall's Plan Brigadier Marvin Green Best Supporting Actor
2875 Merlin Merlin Best Actor
2880 Doctor Who: Cyber's Tale - The Movie Cyber Best Actor
2895 At War Admiral Cretacious Best Cameo Appearance
2812 Royal King Geoffrey of Enkland Best Cameo Appearance (Voice Acting)
2814 200 Years of Film Merlin
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