Born 5 BBU
Died N/A
Species Elephant
Other Info
Occupation Prince, Jedi
HomeWorld Theoland
Family King Theo (Father)

Sandy (Brother) Elefun (Brother) Ewok (Brother)

Bebe is the first son of King Theo and is a very skilled Jedi.

Early Life Edit

Bebe was born in 5 BBU. At 5 months old Bebe began training to be a jedi by his father, Theo. Due to his big ears he could fly. He started learning how to fly at 4 months. His long tail ,which is unusual for elephants, could be used as a grappling hook as it is also very strong.

Relationships Edit

When Sandy was born the two shared a room, despite being in a large castle, Bebe slept on a hammock tied to the top of the room and sandy wanted to sleep under the floorboards. When Elefun and Ewok were born Bebe tried to train them as jedis but neither of them wanted to.

Fish Edit

Bebe if Fish's owner. Bebe looks after Fish and in return Fish makes inventions that Bebe can use. Any of the inventions that stop working or they don't need get stored on Bebe Land. When Bebe was months old Fish looked after him.

Jedi Edit

Bebe is 3rd best jedi in the Theoland Galaxy. He was trained by his father Theo and hasn't trained any jedi as he is too young. He often appeared on the battlefields to help the monachy and the clones against Monkey Troops, battle droids, daleks and many other enemies. He also with the help of Fish built a ship which he learned how to fly.

Bebe Land Edit

Bebe Land is the biggest moon of Theoland. Most of fish's inventions are stored on the planet as he cannot do any thing else. When Sandy Land got full of his Mud Sculptures, Sandy tried to but Bebe Land of his brother for five crumbs of a cookie, four fluffballs and 3 cents from America, Earth.

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