Born 24 BBU
Died N/A
Species Minifig
Other Info
Occupation Super Hero
HomeWorld Legonia
Family Unknown
Batman AKA Bruce Wayne is a super hero who works with Unikitty and Agent 10

Origin Edit

When Batman was only 10 his mother and father were killed by a super villain call Metal Claw. He swore revenge on him and trained for years. In 2 ABU he became rivals with Superman and they fought over who was the best superhero.

Unikitty Edit

In 7 ABU Batman and Superman tracked down Metal Claw to Rainbow land. However when they got there everyone had been killed except Unikitty, Princess of Rainbow land. Unikitty helped Batman defeat Metal Claw.

Professor Arachni Edit

In 9 ABU Batman and Unikitty had tracked down a villain called Professor Arachni. When they arrived to confront him they found Agent 10 and helped him chase Arachni away.

Heroes Edit

In 10 ABU Batman, Unikitty and Agent 10 founded the group known as the heroes. He recruited Superman and Red Hat to help defeat Galapos.

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